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Welcome to The Skeptical Community

Posted on May 5, 2004 by skeptica

I welcome you to the Skeptical Community website and forum.

Please click the forum link above to access the forum community. This is a place on the internet that will welcome believers and skeptics of ALL flavors and interests. We value free speech. We value debate. We value interaction. We also value critical thinking above all.

That means there is apt to be a lot of passion and rhetoric thrown about. You need to have conviction about your thoughts. You may feel that your voice is not being heard. That happens. But, there may be another day and another time where your ideas and thoughts may be more receptive to everyone.

It is wonderful to have passion about critical thinking. Do not forget to have compassion for each other.

Critical thinking should be applied to all areas of your life. It is for everyone.

I hope you learn something everyday here. And, I hope that we build a community where we can show that critical thinking is a valuable skill that everyone should use in their lives.

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Unconditional Skepticism

Posted on February 3, 2011 by skeptica

Lately, I have been noticing a war of words between hard-line skeptics and kinder, gentler skeptics. This is most unfortunate. That is not to say that I don’t think that a discussion about how we talk to believers is unwarranted. In fact, I have always advocated an open dialogue that is not filled with acerbic rhetoric with others. After all, would you listen to someone with a righteous attitude that thinks that you are stupid, unenlightened and uninformed? I think not. The schoolyard bully is never the person that you will leave the best impact on you.

I think that the bigger picture is being missed by both sides. After all, we are a minority of a minority. Can we really afford to splinter off into groups at this stage of our development? We should all be uniting to accomplish a bigger goal.

If we continue along this route, we will become an “exclusive” group as opposed to an “inclusive” group. Currently, in our development as a community, the discussions are at an ivory-tower stage. These talks are held at a higher level of society because these people have the luxury and time to think about the questions at hand. There will be no “skeptic movement” until there is a grassroots level of effort among the members of the community.

For now, what I see is an emphasis on unconditional skepticism. Unconditional skepticism is not like unconditional love. It is complete, unqualified, and categorical skepticism. It is a quest for logical perfection with a hard edge of intolerance.

We need all kinds of approaches and all kinds of people to accomplish what I consider is the one important goal–critical thinking for everyone. Let’s cast aside the swords and think critically about that!

Please join me in discussing this in the Rants of a Street Skeptic subforum. Follow the Forums link above.

yours unconditionally,



Where is the Skeptic Rage?

Posted on March 1, 2011 by skeptica

I thought I would be posting more, but I seem to be living my life as opposed to writing about it. Enough of the excuses, let’s get on with the rant! :-)

I see history possibly repeating itself here with the advent of all of the unrest in the Middle East. I fully support the people of any country demanding freedom and fairness. After all, having access and the ability to exercise both of those tenets is very important in the pursuit of an ideal society. What that society is or what it is based on is something that every country and their citizens have to determine.

However, as we have seen, leaders rarely want to give up power especially when they got that power not necessarily by the will of the people. The case in point here is Libya. By all measures, Muammar Ghadafi, should have stepped down many decades ago. But, he’s been propped up by the first world governments that have short term goals when it comes to oil and energy. Why haven’t we collectively found a way to lessen our dependence on oil?

Have people forgotten the lessons of the 70s oil crises (yes, there were two of them)? Here it is three decades later and we are even more wedded to oil consumption. And, let us not talk about the emerging economies of the third world countries that seek to have the same high energy lifestyle that the first world has. Can you blame them? They are only reacting to what they perceive is the “good life.”

So, my question is the following: where is the skeptic rage? There should be rampant rage for what is happening to economies all across the world. And there should be a lot of rage for what I think has been a lost opportunity on everyone’s part to rectify our dependence for oil.

I am not implying that only skeptics should be angry. Certainly, all of us should be angry enough to start to demand more accountability from our leaders. I know I have been doing that for a while. But, where are my brothers and sisters in skepticism? Is proving that ghosts don’t exist or that paranormal activity is a lie more important than the things that actually affect us on a daily basis?

yours in rage,



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