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Re: The France thread

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Landmark trial in France over avalanche of threats against teen critic of Islam

A landmark cyberbullying trial in Paris – over thousands of threats against a teenager who strongly criticised Islam in online posts – is blazing a trail in efforts to punish and prevent online abuse.

Thirteen young people of various backgrounds and religions from around France face potential prison time for charges including online harassment, online death threats and online rape threats in the two-day trial wrapping up Tuesday.

It is the first such trial since France created a new court in January to prosecute online crimes, including harassment and discrimination.

One of the defendants wants to become a police officer. Another says he just wanted to rack up more followers by making people laugh. Some denied wrongdoing, others apologised. Most said they tweeted or posted without thinking.

The teen at the centre of the trial, who has been identified publicly only by her first name, Mila, told the court she feels as if she’s been “condemned to death".

"I do not see my future,” she said.

Mila, who describes herself as atheist, was 16 when she started posting videos on Instagram and later TikTok strongly criticising Islam and the Quran. Now 18, she testified that “I don’t like any religion, not just Islam.”

Her lawyer Richard Malka said Mila has received some 100,000 threatening messages, including death threats, rape threats, misogynist messages and hateful messages about her homosexuality.

Mila had to quit her secondary school, then another. She is now monitored daily by the police for her safety.
Mila’s online enemies don’t fit a single profile. Among the thousands of threats, authorities tracked down 13 suspects who are on trial this week. All are being identified publicly only by their first names, according to French practice. ... c-of-islam
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Re: The France thread

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There is a de facto blasphemy law in many western countries.

(See the UK teacher currently in hiding for showing an image of Mohammed in class)
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Re: The France thread

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Just look at all of the "out" Atheists in Congress, or even on a school board.

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Re: The France thread

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↑ And I fear it will only get worse, under the cover of "hate speech". Obscurantism crawls back.

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France is investigating claims that Zara, Sketchers, and Uniqlo used forced Uyghur labor in China
  • French prosecutors are investigating Zara, Sketchers, and Uniqlo, amid claims that the retailers used forced Uyghur labor.
  • Legal complaints were filed in France by an exiled Uyghur worker and various human rights groups.
  • The Chinese government has denied any claims of forced labor in Xinjiang. ... ?r=US&IR=T
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Re: The France thread

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France's anti-trust authority fines Google €500 million in news copyright row

France’s competition regulator on Tuesday slapped Google with a 500-million-euro ($593-million) fine for failing to negotiate “in good faith” with media companies over the use of their content under EU copyright rules.

It is “the biggest ever fine” imposed by the Competition Authority for a company’s failure to adhere to one of its rulings, the agency’s chief Isabelle De Silva told reporters.

In a ruling published on its website, the Competition Authority also ordered the US internet giant to present media publishers with “an offer of remuneration for the current use of their copyrighted content”, or risk paying additional damages of up to 900,000 euros a day.

A Google spokesperson said in a statement to AFP that the company was “very disappointed” by the decision.

“We have acted in good faith during the entire negotiation period. This fine does not reflect the efforts put in place, nor the reality of the use of news content on our platform,” the company insisted.

“This decision is mainly about negotiations that took place between May and September 2020. Since then, we have continued to work with publishers and news agencies to find common ground.”

The long-running legal battle has centred on claims that Google has been showing articles, pictures and videos produced by media groups when displaying search results without adequate compensation, despite the seismic shift of advertising revenue online. ... yright-row