History Humor

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History Humor

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What fought alongside Joan of Arc, was accused of child murders in the 15th century and had several hit records in the 1980s?

The J Gilles de Rais Band

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Re: History Humor

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That is a God awful small affair, to the girl with the mousy hair, Nyarl.

The Police were arresting, and Genesis was only the beginning, but then I hit a The Wall since he lacked the chops, so, instead, I left the Dark Side of the Moon to find the real Moon, though I briefly met The Boss, then realized he was always the Old Boss, and he could not take the Max found by the Dashboard Light, and I would not get fooled again.

But after the Moon the tune was a sunken bore, for I heard it ten times or more.

One recommended I get Rich, but he overplayed compared to the Gene Genie who loved chimney stacks so much that they got him arrested but the good father of The Police liked his music and let Stewart play if he would play like that. Stewart pretended to but then went into a mishmash of rock, ska, reggae, jazz, and funk until he got stung.

Some claimed I would become more pert if I went on a Rush, but I could not be Objective when the singer failed to Leed. So, instead, I said Yes, who, funnily enough, nearly had Genesis in the beginning but then was with them Seconds Out until they got their Phil and listened to the Weather Report.

The Horse that followed Rich and could out-Rush Tom Sawyer opined that the most influential was actually John Bonham.

So I followed the Stairway to Heaven to see if there is Life on Mars.

Though I will confess to spending some time in the "Best Little Whorehouse"--a shack outside La Grange--and even in the Twilight Zone, but You Might Recall my visit to the House of the Rising Sun, though I prefer a Home By the Sea when Supper's Ready when Every Little Thing She Does is Magic.

Though someone likes my Poker Face and laughs when I Take a Chance on Me. It is the basics that allow the Phil and allows you to Boogie Woogie on the Beach.

But if you find yourself in this Wicked Little Town, know that we are talking to Phil Collins' people: "But aren't we all?"

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