Friggin' |Cold Sores

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asthmatic camel
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Friggin' |Cold Sores

Post by asthmatic camel »

Herpes Simplex, HSV-1: primarily causes oral herpes, often by loving mothers and grandmothers, snogging their beloved sprogs.

Well, fucking stop it, you disease-ridden hags; You think your offspring wish to spend the rest of their lives with whopping great sores on their mouths and passing them on to their beloveds? Well, we don't, so keep your disease-ridden, sloppy mouths away from us.
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Abdul Alhazred
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Re: Friggin' |Cold Sores

Post by Abdul Alhazred »

Survival of the fittest.

H. simplex that is, not you. :)
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Doctor X
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Re: Friggin' |Cold Sores

Post by Doctor X »

You are the one who recommended spark's Mom.

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Re: Friggin' |Cold Sores

Post by Bruce »

There's an ointment you can put on it.

It won't make it go away or hurt less, but it will make it shiney and more noticeable. It's like cold sore highlighter.

- Mitch Hedberg
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