Live fast. Die young.

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Live fast. Die young.

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Former Mythbuster and land speed record holder Jessi Combs dies in jet-car crash
I'm not even sad. Kind of jealous. That's the way to go. Doing what you love. Trying to reach a top speed in your jet car. Probably didn't even feel a thing.

On the opposite end is my grandfather. 90 years old. Late stage alzheimer's. Pisses and shits himself all the time. Didn't even recognize his own son at his funeral. Remembers things in fits and broken fragments. I love the guy, but as far as I'm concerned, grandpa died years ago, and this is a walking corpse; a zombie that used to be grandpa. I suspect this will be my fate, but I hope not.

Yes, I've been in a rut since dad died. It's left an even bigger hole in my life than I thought it would. It's made me realize that dad was the only person that I looked forward to visiting with and talking to. Everyone else, I either deal with, put up with, endure, avoid, battle, or suffer with to some degree or another.

Don't worry about me though. I'll trudge through it and keep going, but if I see a meteor streaking toward me, or a pyroclastic lava flow, or a towering tidal wave about to crash on top of me, I'm not running. If anything I'll chuckle and say bout fucking time.
Such potential!

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Re: Live fast. Die young.

Post by Witness »

Put rockets on your walker. :wink:

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Re: Live fast. Die young.

Post by shuize »

Ok. Not the hot redhead.

Some other big YouTube guy died in a motor paragliding accident recently, too.

ETA: Here it is: Grant Thompson. ... crash-utah

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Re: Live fast. Die young.

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Hang in there Bruce: You won't stop thinking about your Dad, but it will mellow with time. Rarely a day goes by that I don't think about mine, and he passed away 16 years ago. It's usually a love-hate-love relationship between sons and their fathers. You love 'em when you're a kid and look up to them 'cause they can fucking well do everything. Then you grow up a smidge, rebel a bit, see them as less than perfect, etc. Then you finish growing up and realize what they went through for you and you love 'em again. Then they die and it fucks you up bad.

But it will get better.

Feel free to PM me if you'd like to talk off forum.
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Re: Live fast. Die young.

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There are things worse than death.

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