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Re: Café with an Insane Person

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Yeah, we forget the vitriol directed at Bush. That might have ben the start of this neo-quasi-religious-politico-pureism.

There were art exhibition with him depicted as a chimp. Or at least one "work". Because he "stole" the election from Gore. Who is a piece of shit.

Aside ... there was a guy at my ad agency employer who dealt with sales guys from the station side. They called him "Scoop" becasue you put your promotional crap on his dsk and he opened his desk drawer and "scooped" the stuff in.

I have heard from someone who did, that dealing with Gore's organization makes my guy a small timer. I suspect corruption is a byword. Wonder what his net worth is?
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Re: Café with an Insane Person

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He is sort of an example of what not to be as an archaeologist.

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Re: Café with an Insane Person

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ed wrote: Fri Dec 27, 2019 3:22 pm Because he "stole" the election from Gore. Who is a piece of shit.
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