Document Control Steve

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Document Control Steve

Post by Bruce »

If I had the same creative energy and spare time that I once had in my college years, I would make a video using the classic action hero movie style, similar to the opening of Hot Fuzz, but for now, all you get is the script.

Document Control Steve

He's a man of passive aggressive action.
If you have a document that needs completed and signed, Steve will be sure to get someone to get it done...moments before the deadline...usually.....
If you keep asking him about it.....but not too often because then he'll avoid your emails and calls.

If you hand Steve a document, he will hand it to someone else...who will pass it to someone else...who will get the job done....pass it back to that person, who will pass it to Steve. And you can be sure that Steve... will find someone to pass it on to you. If a controlled document doesn't go through will go around Steve.

But one thing us for certain....if something goes wrong....Steve's ass will be clean as a whistle. Because if there's one thing that Steve does better than anything else.....its covering his ass and justifying the existence of his job.

Document Control Steve
You can't really tell if he's frowning and rolling his eyes, or if his face is just stuck that way from 30 years of dedicated corporate service.

Document Control Steve

If you really need him.....he'll be on vacation, or in a meeting, or on a break, or......he was just here, I'm sure he'll be back soon if you want to have a seat over there.
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Such potential!

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Re: Document Control Steve

Post by robinson »

Nobody cares
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Re: Document Control Steve

Post by ed »

I care, just not whole lot.
About that stereo

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Re: Document Control Steve

Post by gnome »

Laugh at Document Control Steve all you want, but one of these days an exec will go on a rampage and demand to know who requested the change in version 6B of BDR0392, and all the managers and admins will look up and shout 'SAVE US!'...and Steve will look down and whisper "No."
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