Nothing under $5,000 gone after in Cali/

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Nothing under $5,000 gone after in Cali/

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Well, got a call from a manufacturer/dealer this AM. Seems a customer filed a charge-back on a CC order. That means that he disputes the charge and the vendor is out of luck. The scam is this: the crook buys something and has it shipped to a Postal Convenience store. He picks it up and files the chargeback and keeps the loot and the product. No one will do anything since the amount is "small".

The guy called me cuz the postal store employee told him that the crook also had a package from us (value ~ $2,000). I called and get them to ship it back. Probably will cost $200 for that.

Ah ... the aroma of progressive policy.
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Re: Nothing under $5,000 gone after in Cali/

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Fuckers. Line 'em up and, well, shoot them!
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