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ed might like this

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... The stars were suns, but so far away they were just little points of light ... The scale of the universe suddenly opened up to me. It was a kind of religious experience. There was a magnificence to it, a grandeur, a scale which has never left me. Never ever left me.
Carl Sagan
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Good call. I saw the one in Gettysburg some years ago. The second blackout of the year occurred in CT so we took the whole family and simply ran away. Ended up in Gettysburg. Kept calling home until the answering machine started working again.

Shit, almost forgot .. found an antique store there that had 1.65" high explosive rounds for the Hotchkiss gun, thus:
Winchester Round.jpg
I disarmed them on the bed in the motel that night. :D

Very impressive artwork. When I get to Atl I'll make a point of seeing it.

Thank you.
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