First beer thread

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First beer thread

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Drink to your heart's content.
Shit happens. The older you get, the more often shit happens. So you have to try not to give a shit even when you do. Because, if you give too many shits, you've created your own shit creek and there's no way out other than swimming through the shit. Oh, and fuck.
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Post by Rat »

I always do. But I thank you for your encouragement to continue.

"Man muß den Menschen vor allem nach seinen Lastern beurteilen. Tugenden können vorgetäuscht sein. Laster sind echt." - Klaus Kinski

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Post by Jeff »

Not Just for Breakfast Anymore.
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Tasting like it's been drained from a dead turtle since Egyptian times.

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I drink, therefore I am...drunk.
Death will greet me with a cold glass of fatal beer.
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I drink to make other people interesting.
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