State of Ohio to scan license plates

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State of Ohio to scan license plates

Post by Pyrrho »

I don't have a good link for this yet, just heard it on the news. The State of Ohio will be testing a system that will scan license plates on cars as they pass through toll booths. The license number will then be automatically put through a system to check for outstanding warrants, etc. It's an automated system that will pretty much track where you're driving on the toll roads, and will check you for priors at the same time. According to the news, this will not only help police catch car thieves, but "will help protect against terrorism".
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Luke T.
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...and they will help prevent breast cancer, weeds, insect plagues, income tax evasion, and global warming.

They still have toll booths in Ohio? Geez, one more excuse to keep them around, eh?
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Post by Mr. Skinny »

Luke T wrote: They still have toll booths in Ohio? Geez, one more excuse to keep them around, eh?
Just on the Ohio Turnpike, I think. I haven't been on it in over 25 years.
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Post by jkorosi »

The Ohio Turnpike was originally built by the State, and it was decided in the Legislature that it would be a toll road until the public money used had been replaced.

In actuality, enough money has already been collected to replace that which was spent; but the state doesn't seem to be in too much of a hurry to close the booths.

As far as the license plate thing; I think it's a a great idea. I don't know how it will go about preventing "terrorism", but I suppose people who drive with suspended licenses or outstanding warrants would start getting caught. Last time I got hit, the driver had no license or insurance. That was one time too many.