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I have been receiving emails from ebay.

"Reply to your question about item Flybook V33i - UMTS e HSDPA"

"You've received a question about eBay item: Compaq Presario 716EA - Athlon 4 1.2 GHz - 14.1" TFT(220165533798)"

Needless to say I have had nothing to do with a Flybook V33i - UMTS e HSPDA or a Compaq Presario 716EA - Athlon 4 1.2 GHz - 14.1" TFT(220165533798)

In fact, I have not been in my ebay account for about 4 months. I left them unread as I sometimes get ebay "phishes."



It appears that a third party accessed your eBay account and used it to send emails to other eBay members without your authorisation.

At this time we have taken several steps to secure your eBay account. We assure you that your credit card and bank details are kept encrypted on secure server and have not been viewed by anyone.

To restore access to your account securely, please follow these steps

1. Change the password on your personal EMAIL account to verify that it is secure and cannot be accessed by anyone other than you.

2. Change the password on your eBay account. Click "Forgot your password" on the eBay sign-in page and follow the instructions to choose a new password.

3. Check that the contact information on your account is correct. Go to "Personal Information" in My eBay.

We recommend you take our Account Protection tutorial to help understand how your account was compromised and how you can protect yourself in future.


I tried to access my account to change my password and noted that all of my "secret security questions" no longer accepted the answers that I would have entered.

Yet - my password is indecipherable.

I immediately viewed my paypal account and thankfully there are no transactions.

So - I sent them an email saying like "WTF?"



Thank you for writing to us regarding the email you have received and
the problems whilst signing into eBay.

I reviewed our database and can confirm that your account had been
identified by Site Security as possibly being compromised. Your password
and secret questions have been administratively changed by eBay, and you
were also sent an email regarding this.

Please be assured that your account is in good standing now.

Unfortunately, I can't look up your password as this information is
stored on an encrypted server for security reasons. Since you are facing
difficulty in accessing your account, to ensure the security and help
you access your account by generating a password, please provide us the
following information as it appears in your registration details:

Email address:
Full name:
Postal Code:
Primary phone number:

You can change the temporary password to one of your own choice after
signing into eBay.

I have emailed ebay in two separate places (not this email address) requesting that the account be deleted and have changed all my passwords.

I am not sure if this is a "phish" or not. I'm guessing a balls up their end.

But caution dictates.

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Ebay is changing its name to "Scambay."

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