Psychic divines that her client is very stupid.

How not to buy a brick in a box off the back of a truck.
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Psychic divines that her client is very stupid.

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But apparently not infinitely stupid. (The client) only caught on to (the psychic's) act after the psychic got her to fork over $9,000 for items from a Polo Ralph Lauren store that the supposed seer said were needed for a "ritual."

The psychic in question is a couple of blocks from me, in some very desirable real estate. Either she owns the building from way back or she's managing to bilk a lot of people.

In other news, whenever you C&P from the New York Post, pasting the text also adds on a bit with a link to the original page. Very nice.

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Re: Psychic divines that her client is very stupid.

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[i]Ambrose Bierce[/i] wrote:PALMISTRY, n. The 947th method (according to Mimbleshaw's classification) of obtaining money by false pretences.

It consists in "reading character" in the wrinkles made by closing the hand. The pretence is not altogether false; character can really be read very accurately in this way, for the wrinkles in every hand submitted plainly spell the word "dupe." The imposture consists in not reading it aloud.
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