Townies dump urban foxes on country folk

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Townies dump urban foxes on country folk

Post by JamesM »

Bit of a Brit-centric UL for you all. This time round, the action is taking place in Wales, as reported by BBC News Online:
Urban foxes are being collected from towns and cities in England and dumped in rural Wales, an MP claims.
The key part is here (bolding mine):
Mr Nick Smyth of Pentre Bach, Llwyngwril, near Dolgellau, was so appalled at an incident he was told of that he wrote to his local newspaper.

"A van in a motorway car park was found by acquaintances of ours to be full of urban foxes," he said.

"When questioned, the driver stated that the animals were being taken to a remote part of the country, where no-one lived and no-one - in London presumably - had ever heard of, where he said they would do no harm.
Mr Smyth, has (of course!) not actually seen it himself, but someone he knows has. And there are (of course!) no details beyond a van and a motorway car park. In fact similar stories have been doing the rounds for a little while, long enough to be featured in the Fortean Times 'Mythconceptions' column last year. Sometimes the dumping takes place in Scotland or England. An earlier example from local newspaper the Shropshire Star can be found here.

Even if you aren't UL-savvy, a moment's thought raises a few warning flags. It's hard to understand why anyone would think that urban foxes would be happier in the country (particularly with all the hunting talk going on at the moment) and even harder to work out how you'd go about collecting a load of them. I'm also quite interested to know how Mr Smyth's "acquaintances" discovered there was a van full of foxes in the car park - had the driver let them out for a walk? Of course, there is the possibility that people really are gathering up foxes and dumping them in the countryside all across the British Isles, but I remain skeptical.

I can't tell you how happy it makes me to spot an urban legend 'in the wild', so to speak.
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Re: Townies dump urban foxes on country folk

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Firearms are illegal where I live. Yeah, in the gun loving USA. But it's Cook County, Illinois.

Geez those geese look delish!

I suppose I could strangle one, but that's illegal, too.

Can't have one of those geese without getting in trouble.

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Have you tried axes?

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Nope. All his axes live in Texas. :P

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Skeptoid wrote:Nope. All his axes live in Texas. :P
OMG that's bad.... :D