Dear Prayer Warriors

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Dear Prayer Warriors

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I get these all the time. I know that perhaps I should have posted this in the Religion section, but, since I get these requests in my email, and considering where the money goes, I figured, "What the hell, treat it like any other request for $$$".

BTW, this is from a real person; we've met.
Dear Prayer Warriors,
Here is a letter from Troy in Texas. Please pray that we can raise the support to minister there again this year. Call me if you would like to book a program and you can also mail donations directly to me in Lingle, Wy. Troy worked hard last year to get me there and I know the Lord will bless the funds coming in to reach people for Christ.
We are staying in Wyoming and flying in and out of Denver. The road trips are too difficult for me to take alone after the car accident in May. I really do appreciate your prayers & support of Jillybean Ent. Inc. I couldn't do this without you.
For the Kingdom,
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Re: Dear Prayer Warriors

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Offer to think for them.

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Re: Dear Prayer Warriors

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Jillybean Ent. Inc.


Very Biblical. Leviathan and Behemoth. :lmao:
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