...and the ambulance chasers come seeping out...

How not to buy a brick in a box off the back of a truck.

Who was this guy?

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Ambulance chaser
Insurance investigator for the other company
Soliciting insurance fraud
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Some other scam.
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...and the ambulance chasers come seeping out...

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I got into a car accident late last month. Someone driving the opposite way turned left right in front of me and I couldn't stop. Luckily, no one was hurt, only both cars were pretty messed up. I submitted the claim to my insurance company pretty much right away and sent in the requisite documents to the state.

The accident information has become public. Last week, I started getting mail from law offices trolling for personal injury cases. I called them "21st century ambulance chasers" although that might not be correct, because it's not really 21st century technology, but I digress....

The creepiest thing happened today at lunchtime. I get an unlisted phone call on my mobile phone. Curious, I answer the phone.

"Hello, is this David?"
"This is me."
"Well, David, I'm Alex, following up from the doctor's office about your accident?"
"So, why are you lying to me?"
"What do you mean?"
"Well I didn't go to my doctor after the accident, so you're not from my doctor's office."
"I didn't say I was from your doctor's office."
"Regardless, you're trying to misrepresent yourself, what are you really calling about?"
<dead air>

Ok, I can see 2 mistakes here.
1) I actually revealed some personal information (didn't go to the doctor), even if it's true. I wasn't even stiff after the accident, although I had a big adrenalin crash a few hours afterwards. I have no medical claims and have no plans to make any.
2) I didn't lead "Alex" on longer. I'm now curious who this guy was.

I'm assuming he was calling from another ambulance chaser and was looking for injured people. Still, it was a really creepy way to do it. There's a few other possibilities, I'm curious what other people think.