Barclays phishing expedition

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Barclays phishing expedition

Post by ratbag »

A phishing scam e-mail, supposedly from Barclays bank, from my e-mail inbox:
Our new security system will help you to avoid frequently fraud transcations and to keep your investments in safety
"Avoid frequently fraud transactions"? honestly, who do they expect to be taken in by this junk?

They spend time to get their web site up and running, they take care to copy the company logo, but they can't get someone with English as their first language, to read over the e-mail before sending it out

sloppy, sloppy, sloppy.


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Post by fnord »

People are beginning to fight back against these guys.

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Post by DrMatt »

I get these kinds of spams ("Your account with xxx bank is being suspended, log in soon!") all the time on a unix system which is incapable of being infected with Windows virus. Sometimes I take the link, which opens from the plaintext mailreader Pine into the plaintext browser Lynx. I always give as my e-mail address.
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