Wanna help eradicate world poverty by 2020?

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Abdul Alhazred
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Wanna help eradicate world poverty by 2020?

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Your Email have been selected by the UN for a Humanitarian Development Cash Grant
program to enhance and develop the standard of living geared towards poverty
eradication as targeted by the year 2020. You have been granted the sum
of £750,000.00 Pounds your grant pin # UNF/FBF-816-1119 G-900-94.

Contact payment department for your funds.
Payment Officer : Mrs. Shannon Maris
Phone Number : +447035953719
Email : undgrants@blumail.org

You are to provide him your information below for claims.
1 Name in full:
2 Address:
3 Nationality:
4 Age:
5 Gender:
6 Occupation:
7 Cell Phone #
8 Present Country:
9 Alternate Email Address:

All response mail should go to: undgrants@blumail.org
Dr. Blaser Brian
Chairman UNDP Grant Programmed
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Rob Lister
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Re: Wanna help eradicate world poverty by 2020?

Post by Rob Lister »

http://www.blumail.org redirects to bluworld.org

Also alludes to affiliation with UN.

a whois for bluworld.org is of interest.


The Registrant address appears to be a burned down house in Reston Va.

Note the Registrant: Women with 2020 vision.


A japanese website.

I think Anax is behind this.