The Chinese Warren Buffett

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The Chinese Warren Buffett

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This dude is one of a long list of Ponzi scheme artists to come out of the woodwork over the last few years. The show American Greed will have a seemingly endless stream of material.

Dude defrauded 50 million bucks. Here is a friggin red flag: There are no G.I.C.s that offer 52 percent annual returns. :shock: :shock: :shock:

He billed himself as the 1 percent per week King. :roll:

Doesn't even have a lawyer, represented himself. Found guilty. (big surprise)

Funniest part of the article is part of his defense was that he didn't actually guarantee his returns, he only "promised" them. :lol:

That is tantamount to saying what I say and my contracts are void because I was crossing my fingers behind my back.

Second massive red flag: He promised to cover any losses personally.

Still feel bad for the investors. (I use the term "investor" loosely here)
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Re: The Chinese Warren Buffett

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Re: The Chinese Warren Buffett

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