How those "work from home" scams work

How not to buy a brick in a box off the back of a truck.
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How those "work from home" scams work

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You've seen these ads before: "Work from home. Make thousands of dollars a week. Call this number!" Today on the show, we find out what happens when you respond. It's the story of a scam that will not die. We have secret documents laying out how it all works. And recordings of actual phone calls.
A lot of them are based in Utah, and the companies that run them are big political contributors, which helps keep them in business and out of prison where they ought to be. Sometimes the companies do get shut down but it's easy to just start again under a different name. And they make hundreds of millions off of old ladies with dementia and other vulnerable people.

They promise you'll make thousands of dollars a week, but all they really do is get you to pay thousands of dollars for some crappy brochures and vague promises. Why is this legal you may ask? Well, see those political contributions I mentioned. Bribes too. They mention that two state attorneys general were caught taking bribes recently.
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Re: How those "work from home" scams work

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That's like the old "make a living placing ads just like this one" routine.
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