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Hey guys ! I’m back with a piece of information that will revolutionize the way you send postcards !

The trick is named STS (for Student To Student) and it allows you to send a postcard from every place in Europe FOR FREE !!!!!
Normally the trick has been created for students travelling all around Europe during their studies and who had no money to spend in postcards/stamps. That way they would be able to send news to their friends without spending any penny.
In conclusion, this trick allows a student to send a postcard for free to an other student. But how can the postman know if the sender or the recipient is a student ? He can’t !
So now, everyone can send a postcard for free to anyone within Europe (actually, it also works once for a postcard coming from Australia) using the STS trick!
Image ... o-student/

There was an article in Le Monde. They asked postal administration in France & Germany about that trick – answers were "never heard of it".
We'll see if it lasts. :mrgreen:
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Is this some sort of "retro" fad like handlebar mustaches?
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