Worst. phishing. email. ever.

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Worst. phishing. email. ever.

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For your amusement

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Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2005 10:41:56 +0000
From: "Barclays" <Cosetta@barclays.co.uk> Add to Address Book
To: someanonadress@yahoo.co.uk
Subject: B‮syalcra‬ e-mail v&# 101;rificati onsomeanonadress@yaho o.co.uk
D‮ae‬r Barcl‮ya‬s Me‮bm‬er,

Th‮si‬ e‮am‬il was s‮tne‬ by the Barc‮al‬ys s‮revre‬ to v‮ire‬fy y‮ruo‬ e‮am‬il addr‮se‬s. You mu‮ts‬ compl‮ete‬ th‮si‬ proc‮se‬s by clic‮nik‬g
on the li‮kn‬ be‮ol‬w and en‮iret‬ng in the s‮llam‬ w‮dni‬ow yo‮ru‬ Barcl‮ya‬s Membership number, passcode and memorable word.
T‮ih‬s is do‮en‬ for yo‮ru‬ protec‮noit‬ - becau‮es‬ so‮em‬ of our members no lon‮reg‬ ha‮ev‬ ac‮ssec‬ to t‮rieh‬ e‮iam‬l a‮erdd‬sses and we
must verify it. To ver‮fi‬y yo‮ru‬ e‮iam‬l a‮sserdd‬ and acc‮sse‬ y‮ruo‬ b‮kna‬ ac‮uoc‬nt, cli‮kc‬ on the li‮kn‬ b‮le‬ow:

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Worst. Phishing. Email. Ever.
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What's sadder? It will work on some people.
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They are trying so hard to get around common spam-blocking tactics that they are exposing themselves as con artists anyway!

Real e-mail, from a reputable company, will have flawless grammar and spelling. Maybe one typo or grammatical flaw will get through. Definitely not this many.
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I get phishing exploits with random words for the subject. This morning, one was "Falsehood acknowledgement".
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