How to Steroids (1999 edition)

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How to Steroids (1999 edition)

Post by corplinx » Thu May 15, 2014 3:27 pm

Performance enhancing drugs are a taboo subject for some reason. I've been learning more about them.

Dorian Yates was Mr. Olympia for like 7 years. He was one of those people who set the bar higher. He has a no-nonsense approach to weightlifting to that attracted me. I used his "Blood and Guts" videos (free streaming) to get serious about my own exercise. Three years later, I still use modified versions of those workouts.

He did something unprecedented. He came clean about his steroid regiment in 2011. Someone wrote down what he did take (it was in a print magazine), and I've annotated it.

The Mr. Olympia Cycle

Weekly Injections

Testosterone Propionate (aka, Test Prop) 300mgs (anabolic steroid)(bulking)
aka, "test prop", used to add mass
side effect: at this dosage, it can convert to estrogen and give you bitch tits (great read)

Parabolan (Tren) 152mgs
used to add mass while also cutting fat
side effects: paranoia, aggression, limp dick
No longer used really in lieu of alternating cycles of: (this one at low dose might actually be good for someone trying to get over a weight problem)

Primobolan 500mgs (yep, 500)
This one helps burn fat and build muscle as well. It is a weak steroid, therefore the high dosage.

Daily Doses

Anavar 50mgs (oral)
This is a weak steroid with good medicinal uses. It doesn't make you explode in mass overnight or burn 5 pounds in a week, so it isn't as popular as other things.

Growth Hormone 8iu
Its Growth Hormone.
Quote: How anabolic is this stuff? Well, even endurance athletes at rest (!) were observed in one study to be in an anabolic state (8). Yeah, so you can basically run marathons and take this stuff, and still build some muscle. Pretty impressive, right?

Daily Dianabol 50gm
The official steroid of the 1960s US Olympic teams. This one helps your body recover.

Dorian Yates talking frankly about Steroids:

I now know way too much about this subject. I've been trawling forums, r/steroids, etc trying to decode all the acronyms "TestE/Clen 10 week cycle".