How to Get Dynamite Abs!

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How to Get Dynamite Abs!

Post by corplinx » Thu May 29, 2014 11:01 pm

I just threw away about 100 Women's magazines my wife was hoarding. About half of them had tips, tricks, etc for getting KILLER ABS.

So here is... the secret! (learned from a few years doing strength training and researching what is/is not bullshit).

Drop your body fat % to about 7 percent or lower.

The funny thing is, sites like still run articles on GETTING ROCK HARD ABS. Within strength training circles, it is known that abdominal workouts are mostly BS. Abdominals are worked out as a side effect of a complete strength workout. Dorian Yates, Multi-Mr-Olympia, calls bullshit on this stuff.

Body Builders typically run a higher body fat percentage though because they are adding mass. They cut to get low and have all their muscle definition show. Professional bodybuilders will cycle Trenbolone.

That last time I saw a article in my facebook feed about ABS, one of the top two replies was "EAT CLEN AND TREN HARD" mocking the article. The top comment was "drop to 7% or lower BF".

*7% is a best guess for most people. It varies.