News Flash: Acupuncture Still Doesn't Work

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News Flash: Acupuncture Still Doesn't Work

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After 4000 years, Acupuncture doesn't work, it has been confirmed.
Posted by Steven Novella on June 19, 2013 (566 Comments)

About a year ago the editors of Anesthesia & Analgesia solicited a written debate on whether or not acupuncture is effective or simply an elaborate placebo. Four experienced acupuncture researchers agreed to write the pro-acupuncture article, Wang, Harris, Lin and Gan. They asked David Colquhoun to write the con position, and David asked me to write it with him (which, of course, I enthusiastically agreed to do).

The article is fortunately published in open access, and so I can reprint it here (full article is below). What I think David and I convincingly demonstrated is that, according to the usual standards of medicine, acupuncture does not work.
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Re: News Flash: Acupuncture Still Doesn't Work

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It's hard to believe something that doesn't work could be used as medicine.

Next thing you know, somebody will test all medical claims.
oh really?