penis transplant

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penis transplant

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A South African university said Friday that it had performed a successful penis transplant.
Thepatient had his penis amputated three years ago following complications from a circumcision performed in his late teens, the university said. The 21-year-old patient, whose name was not released, "has made a full recovery and has regained all function in the newly transplanted organ," the university near Cape Town in southwestern South Africa said. It was at least the second time the procedure had been attempted.
A man in China received a penis transplant in 2005. That operation also appeared to be successful, but doctors said the man asked them to remove his new penis two weeks later because of psychological problems experienced by him and his wife.
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Stellenbosch University said experts had estimated that there could be as many as 250 penis amputations a year in the country because of botched circumcisions.
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If I could just get them to add some. . . OK alot :oops:

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Re: penis transplant

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I seem to recall a certain sub plot in The Illuminatus! Trilogyfnordfnordfnordfnordfnordfnordfnordfnord.
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Re: penis transplant

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The risk of rejection. . . .

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Re: penis transplant

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The "psychological problems experienced by him and his wife" might be that it's another man's dick?

It isn't really, it's his dick now (or was) but it seems that the surgery might have been successful if only they had gotten their minds right about it.

I do wonder what "restoring full function" means for a penis transplant. Can he fully feel it and get the same pleasure from sex?
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Re: penis transplant

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The particular elephant in the room is Islam.
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