The paranoids are out to get me. Evidences.

Ever had it before? Well you got it again.
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The paranoids are out to get me. Evidences.

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Highlights From My Notes From Another Psychiatry Conference
Slate Star Codex (blog)

The newest breakthrough in ensuring schizophrenic people take their medication (a hard problem!) is bundling the pills with an ingestable computer chip that transmits data from the patient’s stomach. It’s a bold plan, somewhat complicated by the fact that one of the most common symptoms of schizophrenia is the paranoid fear that somebody has implanted a chip in your body to monitor you.


The same team is working on a smartphone app to detect schizophrenic relapses. The system uses GPS to monitor location, accelerometer to detect movements, and microphone to check tone of voice and speaking pattern, then throws it into a machine learning system that tries to differentiate psychotic from normal behavior (for example, psychotic people might speak faster, or rock back and forth a lot). Again, interesting idea. But again, one of the most common paranoid schizophrenic delusions is that their electronic devices are monitoring everything they do.


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Re: The paranoids are out to get me. Evidences.

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Someone has been tampering with my anti-paranoia medication again...

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Re: The paranoids are out to get me. Evidences.

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What? I thought we all were already checked by our smartphones! :shock:

Want my money back! :x