FDA recommends 'female Viagra'

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FDA recommends 'female Viagra'

Post by Rob Lister »

FDA advisory committee recommends approval of controversial 'female Viagra'

http://www.theverge.com/2015/6/4/873206 ... libanserin

Good read but ... damn FDA, there is little upside to this.

My take is that this is essentially an anti-depressant. It has a very low non-placebo effect and quite the number of bad interaction with things like birth control.

Plus it gives rats breast cancer.

Plus, it will take the place of Roofies in the bar scene, even though it wont work.

Bad idea, FDA.

The justification appears to be "it's better than nothing."

I'm not so sure.

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Re: FDA recommends 'female Viagra'

Post by Anaxagoras »

Apparently the placebo is almost as effective.

Homeopathic 'female Viagra' anyone? Almost as effective and no side effects?

(I know, homeopathy is bullshit, but if a placebo actually seems to be "better than nothing" too, then . . . ?)
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Re: FDA recommends 'female Viagra'

Post by Witness »

I'm relieved – feared efforts would have to be made! :D
(And where's my Krafft-Ebing?)