Orthorexia nervosa :)

Ever had it before? Well you got it again.
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Abdul Alhazred
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Orthorexia nervosa :)

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In common English that is healthy eating to the point of illness.

Orthorexia nervosa: How becoming obsessed with healthy eating can lead to malnutrition
The Independent (UK)

Orthorexia nervosa, a term coined in 1997 by Dr Steven Bratman, is a fixation with healthy eating, to the point where it becomes a crippling compulsion, described as “a disease disguised as a virtue”.

It differs from eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia in that the goal is not usually to become thin. In fact, ironically, sufferers are initially motivated by a desire to be well, and to consume pure, “clean” foods, often to recover from illness.

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Rob Lister
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Re: Orthorexia nervosa :)

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I . Have . Seen . That!

The desire to eat so healthy that nothing is good enough.

I saw it on some TV show ... trade your spouse ... or something. She was trying to graduate to an air-eater (can't think of the right name) whereby she lived strictly as a solar panel... that's not exactly it but close enough. She was OBSESSED with only eating what was perfectly healthy and was therefore not eating anything. It was sad.

Her refridge and oven were out in the back yard. Her kids were starving.

I no longer watch such shows, just so you know, so don't get all self-righteous with me, asshole.

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Re: Orthorexia nervosa :)

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Some kind of variation on OCD perhaps?

My wife seems to have a milder version of this. Always very worried about the possibility of food poisoning. A good thing to be careful about, but only up to a point.

I think that people, perhaps particularly women, are evolved to worry a lot. This kept our ancestors alive.
So even in a very safe, modern environment, protected from virtually every conceivable natural threat, we still find things to worry about, real or imagined, likely or unlikely to ever occur. The news always gives us plenty of fodder for stuff to worry about too. Even though food poisoning probably occurs with much less frequency than it used to, it still happens, and the news will tell you about it. Same thing with kids getting abducted. So the apparent threat seems seems greater than it is, statistically.
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Re: Orthorexia nervosa :)

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Aw! I fear I'll obsess about
(notice the gradation…)

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Re: Orthorexia nervosa :)

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You like cork screws, wood, and rough bedding?

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