For profit hospitals

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For profit hospitals

Post by Evolver » Sat Feb 13, 2016 1:57 am

They suck.

I just had another cardiac catheterization yesterday, which meant another overnight stay in St Elizabeth's Hospital, just outside of Boston. I had to go there because it's part of the Sewered, oops, I mean Steward health care conglomerate, one of corporations sucking up all of the hospitals in the area.

The doctor who performed the procedure was great, one of the most respected in the area, and had done my last procedure, clearing arteries that I had been previously told were irreparable. But he is not a part of this hospital's permanent staff.

The rest of the staff are pleasant, but obviously working in a bad situation.

Equipment is sparse, and not maintained. There are not enough blood pressure monitors or IV bag holders for all of the beds in the cardiac unit. There are wireless computers on carts all over the place for entering patient information, but many of them don't work, and doctors and nurses often don't use them, saying it takes too much time because they can't stay connected (last month, I fixed the computer in my room - mainly so I could charge my MP3 player on the USB port). The IV bag holder issue is pathetic, as they are relatively cheap, and used for almost all patients.

The emergency call button on my bed was not working, as I found out when my saline drip emptied, and the dispenser started beeping at 2AM. I turned off the machine, until a nurse came in over an hour later for a scheduled check. My wireless heart monitor I'm sure was not connected to anything, as not long after the procedure, I noticed that one of the clips had come off of the electrode. In the past, a loose connection would trigger an alarm, causing someone to come and fix it in just a few minutes. Twice more, a clip or two disconnected, and nobody ever noticed. This morning, just to test, I pulled all of the connections off, with no response from the nurses.

Other things are signs of dull management. The number of staff on the ward is lower than ever. In a business manager stupid decision, a lot of the functions nurses have done in the past (vitals checks, BP readings, blood sugar checks) were each done by separate "specialists" (mostly badly trained), who would come in randomly to do their jobs. This meant that sleeping was impossible. Through the night, about every 10 minutes, someone would come in, turn on all the lights, and wake both patients in the room, although only servicing one of us, and then leaving. Even as late as 2014, in another hospital, all of these functions would be done by a single nurse or technician, every few hours.

There is a written policy that patient owned equipment (I use a CPAP machine) must be inspected by hospital personnel and given approval before it can be used. The last time I was there I told my nurse and the head nurse about the machine upon arrival, and they said they would get it taken care of. In the evening, I was told I couldn't use the machine, because the pulmonary department was closed (WTF), and nobody could coma and inspect it. But I could rent a machine from the hospital for $300 a night, and oh, by the way, insurance usually doesn't cover that. After I set up the machine anyway, a nurse found someone from pulmonary came in and said that he didn't have the authority to approve the system, but I should use it anyway - but don't tell anybody.

This visit, when I was brought to the room, I used my cell phone to record when I told the staff of my machine. No one ever came to check it, although no one object to me using it. I looks like it's done this way to see who they can sucker into paying extra charges.

Since I am good at getting people to open up, my nurses, and one doctor actually admitted that they are frustrated by the mandated procedures imposed on them by the corporate management, and apologized for all of the inconveniences.
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Re: For profit hospitals

Post by Doctor X » Sat Feb 13, 2016 3:06 am

Thanks Obama.

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Re: For profit hospitals

Post by sparks » Sat Feb 13, 2016 6:45 am

Some things should not be for profit. Health care is one of them. There is a built in conflict of interest between quality of care and profitability.
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