Dr. Heimlich, age 96, performs his manoeuvre for first time

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Dr. Heimlich, age 96, performs his manoeuvre for first time

Post by Anaxagoras » Mon May 30, 2016 3:06 am

This guy has already saved a lot of lives indirectly by inventing and educating the public about his technique.
Now he finally had an opportunity to use it (in a real choking situation that is), at the age of 96:

http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016 ... me-aged-96

Dr Henry Heimlich’s technique for dislodging food or objects caught in people’s throats has been credited with saving untold thousands of lives around the world since he invented it in 1974 – but he had never once had cause to use it in an emergency situation himself.

Last Monday, however, the retired chest surgeon encountered a female resident at his retirement home in Cincinnati who was choking at the dinner table.

Without hesitation, Heimlich spun her around in her chair so he could get behind her and administered several upward thrusts with a fist below the chest until the piece of meat she was choking on popped out of her throat and she could breathe again.

“It was very gratifying,” Heimlich told the Guardian on Friday by telephone from Cincinnati.
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Re: Dr. Heimlich, age 96, performs his manoeuvre for first time

Post by Doctor X » Mon May 30, 2016 4:36 am

Students from a Less Fashionable and Renowned Medical School are at a bar. Then a priest walks in. No, wait, a woman starts to choke. One of the students runs to her, sticks his head up her skirt.

She lets out a shriek along with the wad of Vegan Free-Range Organic and Non-GMO tofu that shoots across the room to splatter on the wall in a sort of splattery pattern. Though the shriek does not so much as "splatter" as "oozes" in a most desultory fashion.

The student emerges from her skirts and tell his fellows excitedly:
"Hey! The Heinlick Maneuver REALLY works!!"
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