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Re: Coffee

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Thank you, Witness. On both points you made in my direction.

And, yes. That coffee business might be wise to get back to.

Frankly, that is one business I sure don't get at all. I think what happened to a whole mess of folks during the draft days was make the worst coffee taste so outstanding that the expensive stuff then tasted like horrible stuff. Maybe the coffee companies had that draft system shut down. That was President Carter that shut down the draft, wasn't it? I don't remember Georgia having coffee trees on any of the hills out in western Georgia. Don't remember too many hills elsewhere in Georgia.

Coffee trees are on hills, no? Seems some mountain in Africa is famous for coffee trees, yes?

I remember the first time I was given ice coffee. Now that was a surprise, for sure. And it wasn't in no mess hall.
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Re: Coffee

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I couldn't parse much of that but it was Nixon that ended the draft or better said, did not push Congress to renew it. On June 30, 1973, Dwight Elliott Stone became the last person drafted, and boy was he pissed. There is no word on his coffee preference.
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Re: Coffee

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Appreciate the correction. Some reason I thought it was stopped later, but things were sort of all messed up back then. It was a bit of a shame that President Ford didn't get a break and get elected, but that pardon did him in. Yep, I've had it in my brain for a bit that it was President Carter that did that. Yep, appreciate the correction.
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Re: Coffee

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Bananas?-Yes wrote: Wed Aug 28, 2019 4:39 am Coffee trees are on hills, no? Seems some mountain in Africa is famous for coffee trees, yes?
You probably mean Ethiopian Harar Moka:
Growing Altitude: 1510 – 2120 meters above sea level
Arabica Variety: Wild Ethiopian Varieties
Harvest Period: October through February
Milling Process: Natural, Sun-dried
Aroma: Berry, Earthy, Chocolate
Flavor: Typical moka flavor, marked blueberry and blackberry
Body: Heavy body ... ar-coffee/

For some reason the Froggies call it "Harar blue". Tried it out and wasn't overwhelmed. (My espresso machine seems to work best with cheap supermarket brands. From time to time I cycle through more expensive stuff, but till now have always been disappointed.)

Meteoric poet Rimbaud went to Harar as an accountant & merchant (coffee & arms) after dropping his art:

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Re: Coffee

Post by Pyrrho » ... 7/fulltext

Transcranial direct current stimulation versus caffeine as a fatigue countermeasure
Five groups of ten participants each received either active tDCS and placebo gum at 1800, caffeine gum with sham tDCS at 1800, active tDCS and placebo gum at 0400, caffeine gum with sham tDCS at 0400, or sham tDCS with placebo gum at 1800 and 0400 during 36-h of sustained wakefulness. Participants completed a vigilance task, working memory task, psychomotor vigilance task (PVT), and a procedural game beginning at 1800 h and continued every two hours throughout the night until 1900 the next day.

tDCS dosed at 1800 provided 6 h of improved attentional accuracy and reaction times compared to the control group. Caffeine did not produce an effect. Both tDCS groups also had an improved effect on mood. Participants receiving tDCS reported feeling more vigor, less fatigue, and less bored throughout the night compared to the control and caffeine groups.

We believe tDCS could be a powerful fatigue countermeasure. The effects appear to be comparable or possibly more beneficial than caffeine because they are longer lasting and mood remains more positive.
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Re: Coffee

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Hey Pyrrho! Remember this thread? :coolspecs:

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