Drug prices

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Re: Drug prices

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No no Paulie, Clemenza took the cannoli. Used to get real good cannoli at the Bamboo Lounge, hey!
Now I gotta live the rest of my life like a schnook.
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Re: Drug prices

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If I cared, Gal. If I fucking cared. If I gave a solitary fuck about cannoli.
If I cared, Gal. If I fucking cared. If I gave a solitary fuck about. . . .
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Re: Drug prices

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So yeah my benefits requires that prescriptions be filled by OptumRx. Sign in securely with 2-factor authentication...and NoScript blocks a DoubleClick tracker/information gatherer attached to what must be a transparent pixel:

Code: Select all

NoScript detected a potential Cross-Site Scripting attack

from https://www.optumrx.com to https://8560775.fls.doubleclick.net.

Suspicious data:

(URL) https://8560775.fls.doubleclick.net/activityi;src=8560775;type=optum00;cat=lpg_o0;dc_lat=;dc_rdid=;tag_for_child_directed_treatment=;tfua=;npa=;ord=14775127823640156? width='1' height='1' frameborder='0' style='display:none'
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Re: Drug prices

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Another example:

Fixed Dose Combination Drugs: Consensi Is a Bad Example
The FDA recently approved Consensi, a combination of treatments for two very different diseases. It contains amlodipine, a common drug used to treat high blood pressure, and celecoxib, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), used to relieve the pain of osteoarthritis. It comes in 3 strengths with varying doses of amlodipine, but all formulations contain the same amount of celecoxib: 200 mg. The company website says “ConsensiTM is under patent protection in the U.S. until 2030 and will be the only NSAID whose labeling indicates a reduction of blood pressure and consequent risk reduction of heart attack, stroke and death.”

The Medical Letter recently reviewed Consensi. Their conclusion:

There is no good reason to use the fixed-dose combination…The cost of the combination is much higher than the cost of the two components taken separately, and continued daily use of celecoxib can result in serious adverse effects, including renal and cardiovascular toxicity. Elderly patient should minimize their use of any NSAID, including celecoxib.

The cost for 30 days of treatment with Consensi is $1,287. Generic amlodipine alone costs $1.10. Generic celecoxib alone costs $34.40. Consensi is available at Costco with a free coupon for a reduced price of $1,104.13. Consensi carries a boxed warning of the risk of serious cardiovascular and gastrointestinal events.

The Coeptis and Kitov companies have entered into an agreement for commercialization under which Kitov will receive millions of dollars in royalties, milestone, and reimbursement payments.

Conclusion: An irrational product

It doesn’t make sense to combine these two ingredients for such very different diseases. How many patients have both diseases and would benefit from Consensi?

High blood pressure is seldom controlled on a single anti-hypertensive drug. In the best possible scenario, if a patient happens to have high blood pressure that is already well-controlled with amlodipine alone and also happens to have osteoarthritis that is already well-controlled with 200 mg of celecoxib alone, it would be more convenient to take one combination pill than two single pills. But does that convenience justify an added cost of over a thousand dollars a month, over $12,000 a year? I don’t think so! Patients might argue that they don’t have to pay for it, that insurance pays; but if insurance expenses go up, someone has to pay, and it ultimately impacts all of us.
The idea that insurance pays for it anyway, so why care about the price: I don't understand how people can be so dumb as to think that way. You pay for your insurance one way or another. Ultimately you pay, (I.e., we all collectively pay) it's just that insurance makes it so that the costs are shared among a larger group of people. Here you have two drugs that combined cost less than $40/month, and they combined them into one pill to be sold for over $1,287?? (or $1,104.13 if you use a coupon and shop at Costco :roll: )
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Re: Drug prices

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Re: Drug prices

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Conclusion: An irrational product
Actually, it's very rational, from the POV of the profiteers. I wonder what the doctor's kickback is for prescribing this. Fucking thieves ought to be hanged by their balls until the wind whistles through their vulture-picked and sun-bleached bones.
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Re: Drug prices

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I got a drug what's going generic, all of a sudden I can't get a thousand bucks a hit, so I mix it up with another one I can't get five bucks a hit for and fuggetaboutit, I got a ringer worth two grand a hit and I get the licensing fees, no generic for another ten years, I'm set until I gotta mix it up again to make another ringer. It's a very good system. Got high blood pressure? My ringer gave you a stroke? Fuck you, pay me!
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Re: Drug prices

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I'll see your ringer and raise you the chemo drug pralatrexate. $120,000/yr