Ascorbic acid kills cancer

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Re: Ascorbic acid kills cancer

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Re: Ascorbic acid kills cancer

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Because AA kills cancer cells, how the fuck do cancer cells get AA? (even cancer cells require ascorbic acid to live)
We show here that human breast cancer tissues differentially express a form of SVCT2 transporter, that is systematically absent in normal breast tissues and it is increased in breast tumors. In fact, estrogen receptor negative breast cancer tissue, exhibit the most elevated SVCT2 expression levels. Despite this, our analysis in breast cancer cell lines showed that these cells are not able to uptake ascorbic acid and depend on glucose transporter for the acquisition of vitamin C by a bystander effect. This is consistent with our observations that this form of SVCT2 is completely absent from the plasma membrane and is overexpressed in mitochondria of breast cancer cells, where it mediates ascorbic acid transport. This work shows that breast cancer cells acquire vitamin C in its oxidized form and are capable of accumulated high concentrations of the reduced form. ... 4919300450

Ah, sneaky motherfuckers.
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