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Shigir Idol

Post by Witness » Wed Jun 21, 2017 3:01 am

Beaver's teeth 'used to carve the oldest wooden statue in the world'

New scientific findings suggest that images and hieroglyphics on the wooden statue were carved with the jaw of a beaver, its teeth intact.

Originally dug out of a peat bog by gold miners in the Ural Mountains in 1890, the remarkable seven-faced Idol is now on display in a glass sarcophagus in a museum in Yekaterinburg.

Two years ago German scientists dated the Idol as being 11,000 years old.

At a conference involving international experts held in the city this week, Professor Mikhail Zhilin said the wooden statue, originally 5.3 metres tall, was made of larch, with the basement and head carved using silicon faceted tools.

'The surface was polished with a fine-grained abrasive, after which the ornament was carved with a chisel,' said the expert.

'At least three were used, and they had different blade widths.

The faces were 'the last to be carved because apart from chisels, some very interesting tools - made of halves of beaver lower jaws - were used'.

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Apart from the size & craftsmanship, looks a lot like various Celtic wooden statues found in lakes & bogs.