Earliest zero

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Earliest zero

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University of Oxford
Published on Sep 14, 2017

The Bakhshali manuscript is an ancient Indian mathematical manuscript written on more than 70 leaves of birch bark, found in 1881. It is notable for having a dot representing zero in it.

The date of the manuscript has intrigued scholars for years, with many believing it dated from the 9th century, as does the oldest known example of a zero in India, in Gwailor temple. Now a team of researchers at the University of Oxford and the Bodleian Libraries have carbon dated the manuscript and found that it dates from between the second and fourth centuries!

The Bakhshali manuscript therefore contains the oldest recorded example of the symbol that we use for zero today. This symbol would then grow into something that exists in its own right to capture the concept of nothing.

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Re: Earliest zero

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Geez, my hero Zero is older than I thought.
It's "pea-can", man.

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Re: Earliest zero

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Abdul Alhazred wrote:
DrMatt wrote:In contrast to that, scientific facts have been independently discovered and written-about in non-communicating cultures for millennia. Even para-scientific facts like mathematical theorems have been independently discovered. One of the great theorems of Algebra is called the Chinese Remainder Theorem, though Algebra (Al-jebr, "re-unification") is an Arabic term.
Reminds me of something that happened in my presence in college.

I was taking a graduate course in number theory (the professor was Jewish and from New York). There was some sort of situation where he had to be absent at a time when the next lesson coming up was about the Chinese Remainder Theorem.

Another professor (a Chinese) taught the lesson, with a bit of an aside about what great mathematicians Chinese are.

The next lesson was taught by yet another professor (an Indian), who very indignantly held forth (complete with names and dates) about how it should really be called the Indian Remainder Theorem.

The following lesson the original professor was back. The first words out of his mouth before anyone else said anything:

"You know. I think it should be called the Jewish Remainder Theorem."

Then on to the next lesson. :coolspecs:
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Re: Earliest zero

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Russell Peters - Invention of Zero

https://comedynightjokes.com/russell-pe ... nted-zero/

According to Russell Peters, Indians are so cheap that they created the number zero. :D
Such potential!

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Re: Earliest zero

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It all depends on how you define it; however, if I understand properly--and I have been told that "millions" are "bigger" than "100,000" [Stop it!--Ed.]--the concept as a placeholder to "nothing" is earlier and developed independently, but as an actual number, the Cheap Wogs win, what? What?

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