What's your artifact doing in Boss Kean's ditch?
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I like things that sorta "made it", particularly when they are anonymous.

Here are two.
Note the shape of the open space. The buildings follow the ancient outline of a stadium.

Last time I was in Rome my wife abnd I drank at a little resturant about 2/3 up on the right side. Odd to think how thousands of people got all excited on that spot.

The area in Lucca is wonderfully recalled by the buildings that surround the ancient site
Every city worth a shit in the roman world boasted an arena.

The remains of the defensive wall are apparent.
The design is pretty common and can be seen around lots of european cities but also here
Quebec City, the ancient walls overlooking the Plains of Abraham where both Wolf and Montcalm died. Well, the battle was there , I think Wolf died there and Montcalm was brought into the city. A cool place for a long weekend.
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Re: Survivals

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Interesting thread, hope you'll keep it up with other examples.

I'll contribute Kraków:


They were smart enough to keep the trace of the ramparts (the "Ring") pedestrian, with trees, a pleasant walk. In the south, the (Renaissance) Wavel castle, and in the north one of the city doors ("barbacane") remains: