HH Holmes - America's Ripper

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HH Holmes - America's Ripper

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Interesting story, I first became aware of this guy (who was really evil, I think) when a read a book "Devil in the White City"
https://www.amazon.com/Devil-White-City ... 375725601
He killed some unknown number of women and a few men and was hung (hanged???) in Philiy in 1896. He specified that his coffin be encased in concrete.

Here is a precis of his "career":
https://www.thetalko.com/15-things-you- ... al-killer/

The reason this is here, in archaeology, is because of something that I just became aware of: the fucker was exhumed recently!!!!!
There is something about digging up bodies that I have an unhealthy interest in.
Anyway, the story of the exhumation is here
https://www.phillyvoice.com/a-death-def ... l-killer-/
and here
https://www.phillyvoice.com/the-measure ... sitive-id/

Mucho on the guy, google hh holmes


Looks like Abdul, I think.

Also Scorsese is making a movie about him starring Leo.
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Re: HH Holmes - America's Ripper

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Somewhere around here I have the paperback, "The Torture Doctor" about HH Holmes. Quite the psychopath. Some speculation that he was in London around the time of Jack the Ripper but rather sketchy.
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Re: HH Holmes - America's Ripper

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For those interested, the French had the roughly contemporaneous Henri Désiré Landru, conman & assassin too.
But the bodies were never found, just some charred bone remains.