Muslims banned from film

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Muslims banned from film

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MUSLIMS in Malaysia have been banned from watching Mel Gibson's blockbuster film The Passion of the Christ.

Censors fear the graphic movie about Christ's crucifixion will "spark religious disagreement". Officials said Christians in the country would be permitted to view the controversial film, which broke box office records in parts of the Middle East.

It is now also screening in Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim country.
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Post by RCNelson »

Here's some more news from Malaysia: wrote:Federal Court rejects appeal in apostasy case

The Federal Court this morning dismissed an appeal by four individuals who had renounced Islam in 1998, for a declaration that they have absolute right and freedom to practise the religion of their choice.

The four - Daud Mamat, 62, Kamariah Ali, 51, her husband, Mohamad Ya, 57 (now deceased) and Mad Yacob Ismail, 62 - had also wanted the court to declare that the Syariah Court had no jurisdiction over them in view of the fact that they had renounced Islam.

They also sought a habeas corpus for release from the Pengkalan Chepa prison in Kelantan where they were jailed for three years, after being convicted of contempt of court in November 2000. (They were released in November 2002 after serving two-thirds of the sentence.)

A deputy registrar of the Federal Court read out the written judgment this morning on what is widely considered to be a landmark case. The court had reserved judgment on Nov 13 last year.
. . . .

The three appellants said they were shocked but would not change their mind about renouncing Islam.

"I’m disappointed with the judgment but am undeterred by it. I will continue the struggle for freedom to practise the religion of my choice," Daud said.

Fellow appellant Mad Yacob said he was saddened by the court’s decision.

"They have failed to grant us our right. The three of us don’t want to practise Islam any more. I will have to discuss with my lawyer as to what alternatives are open to us ... if there is a higher authority from which we can seek redress," he said.
The complete article is HERE.