Miracles do happen...for 10 grand

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Miracles do happen...for 10 grand

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Robbed by dognappers who apparently returned the dog, the old man declares the dog's return a "miracle".
So he went to the bank and took out the money and met the caller in a rural location for the trade. They followed him to the site, pulled a knife on him, and took his $10,000. The would-be dognappers told him to drive up the road a bit and he'd find Sandy unharmed on her leash.

Compton returned home without Sandy, but shortly after he said he heard a car door slam.

"I didn't think much about it, but a minute later, I see Sandy dancing around the back yard. Talk about miracles ... miracles really do happen," Compton said.
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My take on this (being a dog-lover) is that Sandy was still alive AFTER the ransom had been paid instead of being killed. Maybe Compton should not have used the word "miracle" but that's how he actually FELT because his only companion was once again with him.
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