Religiousity in the US vs. Religiousityin Europe

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I found during my travels around the world that people are people no matter where you go. They have the same basic worries and hopes. Job, bills, education, taxes, and so on.

So why is Europe less religious than America? After reading all this, my mind is pretty much unchanged from my initial post. No surprise there.

It would be interesting to know if Europeans unbelievers are not only unbelievers, but actually hostile toward religion.

I didn't read all the posts in this topic when I made my previous post, but now I have. I don't remember who said it, but whoever said that because Americans suspend their belief in one realm (religion), they are more likely to suspend it in several, is correct, in my opinion.

Realizing it is off topic, I also have to agree that certain branches of politics can be a form of woo-woo-ism. I made that argument many times in my attempts to get people to join me on Stormfront. And I believe that kind of woo-woo-ism is more harmful to society.

It is highly unlikely I will ever buy a book propounding that aliens are visiting us from outer space. It is also highly unlikely I will buy a book saying Jesus' second coming is just around the corner. And I sure didn't buy any books saying the CIA and the Jews blew up the WTC.

I would say book sales are a good indication of what a society believes or is willing to believe.

Sure, Germany and France were pissed off at us. That may account for some of the sales. But maybe their being pissed off at us was an example of non-critical thinking to begin with. Maybe they were being misled by their own evil capitalistic corporations looking to make a buck in Iraq.

Those books sales may simply be a demonstration that an emotional mindset makes people susceptible to non-critical thinking.

Plenty of evidence right here on this forum to back that up. :D

Fascists/Nazis/White Nationalists sure are an emotional bunch.

So are some atheists. :P

So are Americans more emotional than Europeans? How's that for a theory to explain America's religosity? :D

Europeans. Buncha stiffs... :P
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DanishDynamite wrote:
Uhm, what does this have to do with anything? The US Patent Office is a government funded project. It has granted patents on "free energy" machines. Can we conclude that large parts of the US population is woo-woo from this fact?
And it's the only one of its kind in the developed world. Seems like it relates rather well.
Seems like you are grasping at imaginary straws.
Are you seriously comparing the post office with an organization created specifically to look for UFOs and that concluded that there might be alien space ships flying around? You can dance around the conclusion all you want on that, I see at as French being a bit woo-woo on the UFO subject enough to fund people looking for them.