God and Charley...

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God and Charley...

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From: http://www.hinduonnet.com/thehindu/holn ... 161835.htm
President George Bush arrived in a motorcade in the morning, a convoy of flashing blue lights and black four-wheel-drive cars with radio masts the height of some of the lamp posts now lying in the gutters of the town.

It was his second visit in less than a week to a crucial state in the presidential election, and he called for "God's blessings" on all those hit by the hurricane.
Looks like "God" has allready given his "blessings" by tearing apart the town!
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That reminds me of the "cross" of steel that fell into the rubble of the WTC. It surely was a sign from god for people to believe, some said.

Of course he had to kill 2,000 people in NYC and another 1,000 just to send a message which included a couple of pieces of steel falling into the shape of a cross.

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