Jesus saves, or "Pascal's wager: mass murderer edition&

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Jesus saves, or "Pascal's wager: mass murderer edition&

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Terry Nichols was not given the Death Penalty by an Oklahoma jury for his role in the Oklahoma City Bombing. The jury failed to unanimously agree Nichols should die.


According to one of the jurors that voted for death:
"They thought he could do some good in prison because he found religion." ... index.html

The mind boggles.
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Yeah . . . guess it was worth all of those children dying. . . .

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So this means if I go on a rampage and mass killing spree, and at the 11th hour, claim that Jesus had saved me from total redemption - and that my life will be spared and I will go to heaven?!?!

And the honest Atheist goes to hell...well poopie.
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Maybe this explains the widely cited (but suspect) fact that less than 1% of prisoners surveyed call themselves atheists.
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