Xian self-defense against evil atheist profs!

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Xian self-defense against evil atheist profs!

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Check it.
In an interview with Apologetics 315, Turek describes a distraught U.S. Marine father's experience a few weeks after his Christian scholarship-winning daughter went to college. The daughter called her father and said, "A New Testament professor cast a lot of doubt on the New Testament; we don't know who wrote it, there are errors in it, we can't trust it. So, Dad, I'm an atheist now."

Turek counseled the dad to affirm his daughter's commitment to finding out the truth and to give her apologetics training. "Now, will apologetics training completely guarantee your child won't walk away?" Turek asked.

"Of course not. But it will lessen the probability. You see, it's easy to walk away from something you've doubted your whole life. It's more difficult to walk away from something you know beyond a reasonable doubt is true," Turek said.
In case you're wondering about what level of apologetics might be involved, this is an examination of some of the things Turek preaches.

For some more examples on how messed up Turek is, check this thread about him.
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Re: Xian self-defense against evil atheist profs!

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Oddly enough, even some very traditional "bible college" departments have had to confront what the rest have known for over 100 years.

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Re: Xian self-defense against evil atheist profs!

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Education has to be strictly controlled.


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Re: Xian self-defense against evil atheist profs!

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