The Stupidity of declaring god "good" by definition

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The Stupidity of declaring god "good" by definition

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Ever heard of the claim that whatever god does is "good" be definition? An example and another example is below, from an argument I had with creationist astrophysicist, Jason Lisle:
Lisle says, quoting me at first:
Remember Joseph saying that it would be immoral to NOT kill a baby if god commanded it?

[Dr. Lisle: Joseph is right. What God commands is necessarily right. Any other definition of morality is ultimately arbitrary and therefore logically unjustified.]

Well, that shit is examined here.
2. But God’s actions are good—they just are. His actions are the very definition of good. That’s as fundamental a truth as we have.

Shouldn’t God follow his own rules? If God is the standard for goodness (Matthew 5:48), what else can this mean but that we should look to God’s actions as examples for us to follow?

Abraham made clear that God was held to the same moral standards as Man. He said, “Will not the Judge of all the earth do right?” as he argued against God’s plan to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. And God agreed (Genesis 18:20–33).

If Christians modify the dictionary so that no action of God’s could ever be bad, assigning the word “good” to God’s actions says nothing. They hope to make an important statement with “God is good,” but debasing the dictionary makes the word meaningless.
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Re: The Stupidity of declaring god "good" by definition

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Interesting sidelight on Jewish disputation.

The Old Testament says God "cannot lie". I don't think that was originally anything as philosophically sophisticated as a claim that it is logically impossible, only that He never ever does because He's good.

From a Jewish perspective, Christianity claims God lied the first time.
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