First night of Hanukkah this Sunday.

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First night of Hanukkah this Sunday.

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You have six days to learn the lyrics to The Dreidel Song. :)
Bernard S Greenberg wrote:
I had a little dreidel, I made him out of clay,
I breathed into his nostrils so dreidel I could play.

I made my little dreidel a friend for his own sake,
With gardens trees and apples, and a wonderful pet snake.

I took my little dreidel out just to have some fun,
I told my little dreidel to kill for me his son.

I flung my little dreidel o'er Egypt's burning sand,
But soon again I found him and gave him his own land.

So much I loved my dreidel and feared I'd be forsook,
That I wrote for my dreidel an interesting book.

Wherein I told my dreidel exactly how to play,
Just dread and fear and worship, and bless me all the day.

I twirled my little dreidel in Warsaw and New York,
And taught him to grow sidelocks, and never to eat pork.

But then my little dreidel began of me to tire,
So I showed who the boss is, and thrust him in the fire.

And when my little dreidel refused to give up hope,
I shook my head in wonder, and made him into soap.

So now my little dreidel knows just how rough I play,
For sure my little dreidel won't ever run away.
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