David Barton arguing for lowering the age of consent?

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David Barton arguing for lowering the age of consent?

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How else do you explain why he carried on about this? Either that, or he wants to do away with child labour laws.

Seriously, why else would he take that topic on?
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Re: David Barton arguing for lowering the age of consent?

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The concept of adolescence as we have it now originated in the 19th century.

Marrying them off at 12 is not only "Biblical", it's the way things were done even by non-believers.

One can even make the case that it's the "natural" way, without reference to anything but practical experience previous to modern attitudes.
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Re: David Barton arguing for lowering the age of consent?

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People did not really have any understanding with regards to cognitive maturity other than the less cognitively mature they are, the less likely they are to resist.

People also accepted women dying in childbirth and slavery. I like to think we made progress. We have, after all, Spray Cheese.

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