US Exorcists: Demonic Activity on the Rise

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Re: US Exorcists: Demonic Activity on the Rise

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infestation, vexation and obsession
Indeed. This describes our last election and it's aftermath to a "tee".
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Re: US Exorcists: Demonic Activity on the Rise

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Something about this story is giving me deja vu. Didn't we see one like this a couple years ago?

Yeah. It was a little hard to find though because the thread title was different:

viewtopic.php?f=3&t=45225&p=841885&hili ... ic#p841885
LOS ANGELES, CA (California Network) - Demonic possession and attachment are on the rise. It is possible that satan's army is on the offensive, as the world has given him an opening. The rise of atheism, interest in paganism and the occult, has opened millions of souls to the devil.

The BBC recently interviewed Italian exorcist, Fr. Vincenzo Tataborelli. Fr. Taraborelli revealed he could see as many as 30 people in a day who wanted exorcisms. He shared stories of people vomiting objects including pebbles and bits of wood along with blood.

"I told the bishop that I can't find anyone willing to do this. Many of them are scared. Even priests can be scared. It's a difficult life," he told the BBC.
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Re: US Exorcists: Demonic Activity on the Rise

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I always sprinkle my laptop with holy water before connecting to this blasphemous site! :evil:
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Re: US Exorcists: Demonic Activity on the Rise

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Expected. If one is in the business, what better way to assure oneself of continuing work than to bark about it from the street corners?
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Re: US Exorcists: Demonic Activity on the Rise

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And occasionally reposes. . .

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