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Mashal Khan, a student at Abdul Wali Khan University in the northwestern city of Mardan, has become the latest victim of Pakistan's blasphemy vigilantes. Khan was murdered in broad daylight by a mob at the university campus on Thursday. He was accused of insulting Islam by fellow students after a debate over religion the day before.
But the manner in which Khan was killed shocked liberal and secular Pakistanis, who expressed their anger and revulsion on social media. The videos of the gruesome murder circulating on Twitter and Facebook show a similar style of lynching and "mob justice" that is often associated with militant Islamist groups like the Taliban and the so-called "Islamic State."
Khan was dragged out of his dorm by fellow students, who then shot and beat him to death. Pakistani media quoted eyewitnesses as saying that Khan was forced to recite verses from the Koran before his death. Khan's friend, Abdullah, was injured in the attack.
Facebook and Twitter will be there to help. ... a-37987689
Facebook will send a delegation to Pakistan to help the government fight against online blasphemy, Pakistan's interior ministry said on Friday.
The Islamic Republic of Pakistan had asked Facebook to help identify and remove content deemed blasphemous. Earlier this week it requested information on three pages it accused of spreading blasphemous content, the director general of the Federal Investigation Agency Mazhar Kakakhail told English-language broadsheet "Dawn."
Facebook's reply said it was aware of the government's concerns and that it wanted to resolve the issue via bilateral dialogue and mutual understanding, Pakistan's Ministry of the Interior told media outlets.
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Re: Blasphemy!

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Just a reminder of what real religious oppression looks like. How horrible.

Will there be any consequences for the lynch mob that murdered him, or is that sort of vigilante justice against "blasphemers" tolerated? At least some arrests have been made, but that's barely a start.
Police have arrested 20 suspects involved in Khan's murder and have found no evidence to substantiate blasphemy allegations.
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Re: Blasphemy!

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You must not denigrate other cultures, Anax.

Check your privilege.

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Re: Blasphemy!

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But....they have The Book on their side!!11Eleventy
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