Anne Graham Lot's stupidity exposed: Also no surprise.

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Anne Graham Lot's stupidity exposed: Also no surprise.

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Good grief, what an unbelievably stupid person! The man was *old*. It's to be expected that he'd die soon!

Now if he got killed in some unprecedented unnatural way, then maybe she'd have a point.
(excerpt follows):
>Good luck with that fuckwit. And Reynold, fucking run, and don't stop.
>Disappear would be best as it was you who dared to attack me on my
>illness knowing nothing of the cause. You disgust me and you are top of
>the list boy. Again, no violence. Just regular reminders of who's there
>and visits to see you are behaving. Nothing scary in reality. But I'd
>still disappear if I was you.

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Re: Anne Graham Lot's stupidity exposed: Also no surprise.

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Old Billy would never say something that stupid.

In fact he was not real big on the "Last Days" shit, though of course that's always part of the deal on some level.

Hmm. Is her husband a member of the tribe of the prophet Lot? :notsure:
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Re: Anne Graham Lot's stupidity exposed: Also no surprise.

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You could look it up.
At Daddy’s funeral service, with twenty-five hundred people in front of me, and millions more watching the live broadcasts, for the last time I led in “family devotions.” The passage of Scripture that I chose was 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18. The reason is this: I believe from Heaven’s perspective that my father’s death was as significant as his life. I know that February 21, 2018 was the date God had preordained to take my father home. Why? What was significant about that day? When I did a web search, I discovered that February 21, 2018 was the day when the Scripture reading for Jews focused on the death of Moses. Moses was the great liberator. He brought millions of people out of bondage to slavery, got them to the edge of the Promised Land, then God took him to Heaven. At that point God brought Joshua to lead them into the Promised Land—to take them home.
"when I did a web search" much for divine inspiration..."from Heaven's perspective..." Classic corporate buzzword.
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